Original Footwear Company
Brand Velocity Parnters
Source Advertising

Driving Growth in New Markets

Positioning Original Footwear to Reach New Consumers

Original Footwear Company's Altama brand has crafted footwear for American soldiers for over 50 years.  In 2017, Altama became the leading footwear manufacturer for the US Department of Defense, a sign of Altama's product quality and customer loyalty.

In early 2020, private equity firm Brand Velocity Partners acquired OFC, infusing the business with money and marketing expertise through agency partner Source Advertising.  Everyone involved knew OFC and Altama had a great product for the broader consumer market.  But where to start?  That's where we came in.

We built a strategic roadmap for the team, starting with a online quantitative category and brand architecture study, and included a concept positioning section to optimize the Altama message.  We helped our three partners:

  1. Benchmark Altama's current brand awareness and loyalty
  2. Identify white space positioning opportunities in the category
  3. Optimize the consumer target audience
  4. Fine tune the right message to that target consumer

Was the team satisfied?  Listen to what Original Footwear CEO Kevin Cole had to say in this interview with Footwear Insight:   Footwear Insight Extra Publication