How We Can Help


Innovation & Ideation

Creativity benefits from structure.  We'll customize a process to help your team unlock its inherent creative energies to develop new concepts, brands, and marketing programs.  Then we'll help you screen those ideas with consumers and shoppers to prioritize which concepts to pursue and which to send to "time out".

Brand Development

Whether it's starting from scratch or revitalizing an equity, we can help you breathe life into new brands, leveraging market structures, consumer segmentation, brand equity trackers, and competitive analyses.

Consumer Decision Journey

The path to purchase is rarely a straight line from awareness to buying.  We can help you lay out the stepping stones in the consumer's decision-making process, from home to store to website to mobile app.  And we'll help you identify the touchpoints that you can influence to lead shoppers to your brand.

Training & Development

Learning is a continuous process.  We can help you and your team maintain your mental acumen by creating and curating customized learning programs, whether its about the fundamentals of consumer research, the in's and out's of ad tech, or how to write a coherent (and influential) presentation.

Custom Insight Studies

Marketing issues don't always fit neatly into a prescribed methodology.  Sometimes your questions need a customized approach to find an actionable solution.  We can help you by creating bespoke studies that get the answers you need - without resorting to CYA, DIY, or "family & friends" research.